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We are an online only translation agency, offering professional language services at affordable rates. Our service portfolio includes translation and proofreading, MTPE and subtitle translation.

As a modern and flexible service provider, we bring together a global network of professional translators dedicated to providing our customers with cost-effective solutions tailored to their increasingly complex needs. We provide free, no obligation quotes and can help and advise you with the complex issues of internationalisation.

We specialise in European languages and US-English in any combination.

Your German partner for professional translations!

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Translations Working with a global network of professional translators and translation agencies that has grown steadily over our 20 years in the business, we provide professional translations by highly qualified native speakers. | Translation of subtitles We translate subtitles for videos of Fortune 500 companies and streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, and for the full-service digital agency VaynerMedia in New York. | Machine Translation Post Editing We have entire teams specializing in MTPE. Their job, as professional translators, is to review product descriptions provided by our customers in machine translated form (Google Translate), to produce a final text of acceptable quality. | Proofreading in various languages We provide proofreading services by trained professionals for German and English texts as well as all other European and Asian languages. Your documents will be checked word for word to identify and correct any spelling and grammar mistakes.

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    Our Goal


    We believe that focused hard work is the ultimate key to success. With more than 20 years of experience, we are aware that even seemingly insignificant details matter when translating or proofreading a text. Feel free to contact us for a personal consultation.





    Requesting a translation by our professional native-speaking translators is simple. As an online translation agency, we offer you a fully optimised workflow.
    How We Work

    Your German partner for professional translations

    We are a small and highly specialised team of freelancers from Germany, with more than 20 years of experience in the management of translation projects. Our clients include a broad cross-section of global corporations, SMEs and translation agencies from all over the world. As a decentralised organisation with a network of experienced and trusted native speakers, we are able to offer professional translations at very reasonable rates. We are your one-stop shop for all your language needs. You will have a single point of contact who will be happy to assist you at any time and coordinate your projects. What is more, you will enjoy all the benefits that working with a registered German company (GmbH) provides – including full liability protection for you, and strict compliance with the EU GDPR.

    We are the developers of world-leading applications for Apple macOS and iOS. Translations 24 has been an integral part of our localization strategy. They have been available quite literally day and night providing linguistic help for us. From the start of our cooperation, our international sales figures have measurably improved, and we are hugely indebted to Translations 24 for its excellent translation services.

    Christoph Vogelbusch

    Managing Director / TheKeptPromise

    We are extremely grateful to Translations 24 for their service, professionalism and reliability in every aspect of their work for us over the years. Whether book publication or the translation of sales literature, Translations 24 is our first choice for high-end projects with tight deadlines. If you get the chance to work with Translations 24 – do it!

    Ralph Hoffmann

    Managing Director / Unternehmens-Broker GmbH

    Frank, your experience with translation and proofreading is impressive. Again, I would like to say your help with our translations is amazing and I couldn’t say enough how helpful this is for our international expansion. You are a true VaynerNation member. Love it!

    Sid Astir

    International Distribution and Platform Strategy for Gary Vaynerchuk / VaynerMedia


    For all companies which require high quality translations (industry, service providers, commerce, etc.) and have a high volume of texts for translation in manuals, catalogs, data spec sheets, etc. Our offer is also attractive for all firms looking to go international without breaking the bank, to be represented on foreign markets and to cost-effectively tap into new areas of business!


    No, we never cut corners on quality. All translations are done by professionally qualified technical translators, each based in the country for which your document is intended. For instance, translations from English into German are actually done in Germany. We only cut costs by saving on the additional services, which you should not have to pay for if you don’t require them. In the true spirit of a direct service provider, we have created structures that allow us to offer you professional translations at much cheaper rates.


    There is, of course, no such thing as absolute perfection. Human error cannot be totally avoided. However, a healthy mix of experience, skill and the right motivation serve to minimise errors. We exclusively use professional technical translators who have been working with us for years. Should you ever find that a translation is not to your satisfaction, we will, of course, immediately correct and rework it free of charge.